The work of creating sculptures from wood can be divided into several phases, during which you will need a different tool and material.

So you have an idea. Now you need to create sketches. There may be different ways. It depends on your spacious imagination. If you are well acquainted with the format you are creating, you can limit yourself to the sketch in two projections. If the number is complex and you need to understand its space, you can create a model in which the basic proportions are preserved, but without careful detail. If you are not well aware of the image you create in the universe, you should make a detailed drawing of details and elaborate chiaroscuro. Then, based on this sketch, the model is modeled on the basis of which the sketch is refined and the schemes are constructed in two or three projections. If you have enough experience, the future work has a simple shape, and you are aware of it, you can without any sketch, immediately beginning to mark the tree. From my own experience, I can say that some things are easier for me to cut off from pulling out.

At this stage, you will need a pen, an eraser, a paper (for drawing), a wire for a frame, a layer or a clay and a rod (to create a 3D model). The wood is chosen according to the plan. It should be kept in mind that work with lots of fine details is not worth the tree with distinctive texture, and on the other hand, wood with a striking pattern nicely emphasizes a simple, concise form. However, if you plan a miniature with fine carvings and abundance of fine details, it’s not worth taking a soft wood because they do not hold a fine line and are broken, if not in the carving process, and later.